Suggested Browser Settings for Optimal Trade Tech Usage

Here at Trade Tech, we strive to create and support great tools to make your logistics work fast and easy. Follow these guidelines (in the attached document) for best results.

For users of UI-1, or the "original Trade Tech" software, we consistently test and support the latest version of Internet Explorer. Use the File > New Session function to login with a different username/password, if you're using multiple logins.

For Syrinx, we recommend and support the latest version of Google Chrome. If you're using one of these browsers, you can use a private or "incognito" session to login with multiple user logins.

If you use a different browser than what is put forth above, we can't officially support issues. This is because we put much effort into delivering a great product, but need to put restrictions in place on what we put our programming and testing toward. We would be more than happy to offer support and programming fixes for issues that come about when using the recommended browsers.

When communicating these issues, please remember to include as much of these items that apply:
  1. Details of the issue, like a HBL#, and a description of the issue. Screenshots go a long way to help!
  2. Who is affected - user(s), and their login's,
  3. The frequency of the issue,
  4. What troubleshooting steps you or the affected user(s) have taken so far, and if it worked,
  5. The urgency of the issue in relation to your day to day workflow. This helps us get an understanding of the issue and it's scope.

Please see the attached document for a full understanding of how to setup IE for optimal software usage. In this document, you'll also find help on missing pop-up windows, should that happen. (Hint: It's usually due to your browser settings. Please allow pop-up's in IE for the best performance.)

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