- No Longer Supported

As we look to provide great service for our customers, we now allow 24/7 access to our Trade Tech Support site!

Don't Email Support
Any e-mail concerning support related issues that is sent either directly to, or with copied in, or directly to Trade Tech employees, will not be addressed or responded to.

Fill out a Ticket

Please create a ticket here instead and enjoy fast and reliable service from a Trade Tech office somewhere around the globe! Once there, click "+ New ticket", fill out the page with your details (remember, images like screen shots can easily be added), and click "Submit". You will get a notification via email, so be sure to carefully add your email address to the ticket.

Open a new ticket for each new topic/issue. If a ticket already exists, please simply comment on that ticket if you want to add a comment. (See your tickets if you have multiple issues open by signing in at Click here if you forgot your login to the Support Site.

Note: If there are similar issues with multiple HBL's, you can include all the issues on one ticket.

We look forward to helping you. With each of our technicians' responses, you'll get an email alert.
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